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LED Tubes

Product Name: KZ-T8-M120-18W
Product Abstract:
T8, radar sensor, Φ26mm, G13, 1200mm, 18W, SMD2835, AC85~265V, 3000K/4500K/6000K

Product Description:

1. Table sheet of SMD2835 4FT T8 LED Tube Light-Radar Sensor / Mircowave Sensor

Part No.



1212mm, Φ26mm, G13



Input Voltage


LED Type


LED Q’ty






PC Cover Type

clear / stripe / mist

Net Weight


2. Product Characteristics

-Rador sensor / microwave sensor, inductive distance 8M, standby brightness 20%, standby time 40s.

-use high brightness SMD2835 LEDs light source, 22-24LM

-use 6063 aluminum as radiator, with better heat dissipation

-energy saving and longer life

-compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps, no ballast, no starter , no flicker

-maintenance-free, no damage by frequent power on /off

-no impact on the surrounding environment, no ultraviolet and infrared

-no hazardous materials such as mercury, eye protection, no noise

3. Radar sensor tube traits

-Microwave Radar sensor tube are the updated version for IR sensor

-Based on the Doppler effect, using the most advanced planar antenna, can effectively restrain the interference, with advantages of high sensitivity, high reliability, safety & energy saving, it is the first choice for the intelligent building and property management.

-Microwave tube lights are with long induction distance, wide angle, no dead zone, can penetrate the glass, and thin board.

-According to different power, can penetrate different thickness of the wall, not restrained by the environment, temperature, dust, etc.

4. Remarks for installation

-Do not use in place with heat, hot steam or corrosive gas, so as not to affect life expectancy

-must be installed by an electrician or professionally trained personnel

-make sure the installment place could afford 10 times the weight of the product

-In case of any danger, non-professionals do not disassemble the lamps

-indoor use only


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